Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Innocent Sleep

Karen Perry is the pen name of Paul Perry and Karen Gillece. Together we have written 'The Innocent Sleep.'

It appears  in English from Penguin UK and Holt in the US next year. German, French and Italian publishers are on board with others to follow. More details on our agent's site at Curtis Brown: http://www.curtisbrown.co.uk/karen-perry/

We're also writing a second novel 'Carry Me Home.' But, for now, here is a brief outline of 'The Innocent Sleep.'

Award winning authors Paul Perry and Karen Gillece come together as Karen Perry to deliver a compelling psychological thriller set in present-day Dublin and Tangiers.

The course of Harry and Robin’s married life was set when their only child, Dillon, was killed in an earthquake in Tangiers. Five years on, their lives have returned to a fragile normality. That is until one day in November 2010. As the snow falls in Dublin and amidst the melee of a protest against a failing government, Harry catches sight of his dead son, Dillon. Or does he? He rings his wife, desperate to tell her, but Robin has some news of her own.

Later that night they meet and what is set in motion is nothing less than a dark tale of secrets and lies. Harry and Robin must embark on a journey into their shared past, a journey that demands they reevaluate everything they believe to be true, and one that will test their love for each other to the limit. A gripping and ultimately heart-breaking story of a young married couple and their missing son, The Innocent Sleep is a thrilling page-turner where the past returns to haunt the present and where no one can be trusted, not even those you love the most.